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In case you were wondering...

  • Do I need an appointment?
    There is a proper time and place for “dropping in” but wedding gown shopping is not one of those. Nearly all reputable bridal stores require an appointment — usually with 24 hours or more notice and many times with a pre-appointment questionnaire. This is for your benefit. You should have a stylist that is knowledgeable of your wedding details and is planning to spend 1-2 hours of one-on-one, undivided attention to make the most of your time.
  • WHAT should I bring to my appointment?
    Think about what you would plan to wear on your wedding day. If you think Spanx or other shapewear will be in your garment bag, then bring them along to your appointment as well. Regardless of size, many crepe or fitted gowns look best with shapewear or a thong for a more seamless appearance. If a ballgown is more your thing, then undies should be just fine — just make sure they are neutral in color and closest to your skin tone. It’s not the day to sport your red polkadot bikinis, as they will stand out and through most gown fabrics. Finally, strapless bras are not needed for bridal appointments. Well constructed gowns have built-in support with corseting or cups and are made to be worn without a bra (yesss!!).
  • WHO should I bring to my appointment?
    Brides by nature are a little nervous, excited, or sometimes both, when starting their gown search. Strong personalities and opinions can affect the overall mood of the appointment. Think specifically about the opinions you value most and keep your circle small. For example, if you can’t imagine saying yes to a dress without your Mom present, then don’t shop until she can be with you. “Just looking” could end up being THE dress and she missed that authentic moment. For those you feel compelled to involve, but you have reservations about, invite them to your gown pick-up appointment. A gown reveal is much more direct, but just as special, and the pressure of a decision is a thing of the past. And finally, it never hurts to have a pre-appointment pep talk with your entourage. Let them know you love them and value their opinion, but would appreciate that the first reaction to any gown come from you.
  • How many shops should I visit?
    FOMO has no place in the bridal world. There are millions of gowns out there and there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and personalities to match them. Going on an elusive search, store after store, to try them all is exhausting… and confusing… and quite frankly, impossible. When you met your fiancé, you stopped looking for someone else. Take the same approach with your dress. And don’t let future appointments deter you. Bridal shops would much rather you call to inform them that you’ve found your gown and cancel an appointment, than to spend an appointment helping you search for a gown you’ve already found elsewhere. That’s a valuable time slot that could be given to a bride still searching or on a waiting list.
  • How do I know she's 'The One'?
    Your gown should feel authentically “you”. No one can define what that is but you. A gown can check every box on your must-have list, but if you don’t love it, then it’s not the dress — move on. The next gown could be completely different than anything you thought you wanted, but she evokes an emotion within you — you relate to her like your favorite pair of jeans… then honey, you’ve just found your gown. Whether it is the first gown or the 50th, giving yourself permission to say yes is key. When you find a gown that you just don’t want to take off, she’s your girl!
  • How far in advance should I begin dress shopping?
    That answer depends on the designer. Our smaller partners require up to a 7 month lead time. Others are typically 4-6 months. However, alterations are typically another 60-90 days from the First Fitting. A year or more is safe and will allow you to avoid any rush fees. Most designers will accept a Rush (as long as production is running on time) and those usually fall between $300-$800, depending on how soon you need your gown.
  • How many people can I bring to my appointment?
    We suggest keeping your circle small -- for your benefit. Appointments tend to move slower, the larger the group - meaning you can't get through as many gowns during your allotted time frame. However, it's your day and you should bring those who you could not imagine doing this without. The seating area can accommodate 3-4, but we can bring in additional seating for groups of 5+. A booking fee applies for groups of 5-8 so that an additional person can be scheduled to assist the stylist with your party.
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